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My Crafty Bio
I am Sam Lewis and here I am on the right in this photo, alongside my partner of 12 years (and now wife) Claire.

Together with our family of dogs and guinea pigs we live in rainy North Yorkshire in a lovely bungalow overlooking fields and hills.

I am one of four children, and Aunty to 6 gorgeous nieces and nephews. The newest arrival is missing from this photo of the gang!

I have made and sold cards as a hobby for many years, but declining health and redundancy from my "proper" job in 2011 left me at home twiddling my thumbs!

So here we are, several years on; making mostly mixed media "stuff", and occasionally cards, soft toys and cushions.  2012 and much of 2013 were filled with the stresses of adjusting to life after a busy and very challenging job that had been my primary focus for almost 10 years.  During that time I also underwent 2 more rounds of surgery to my feet and ankles to help me walk a little better (more about that below!).  I had another round of surgery at the end of 2014 and am now settling back into life, focussing on creating for ME.  Doing the art and creating that I enjoy, with no pressures. 

Joining the Design Team for That Craft Place took my crafting passion to the next level at the end of 2014, and once my journey with that DT came to an end, I went on to join further Design Teams.  I enjoy expanding my creative mind so here I am, settled into my role as creative goddess! 
My Disease, My Inspiration!
Above I mentioned some of the surgeries I've had, and as promised I shall expand a little on that here as it is relevant to my crafty story (bear with me!...).
I have a condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (or CMT for short!).  CMT, unlike the name suggests, has nothing to do with teeth and is a neuromuscular condition, or more specifically a peripheral neuropathy.  This means a condition affecting the nerves of the peripheral nervous system, or the nerves that mainly supply the arms and legs.

CMT has left me with very poor balance, inability to walk far and deformed feet, legs and hands.  I wear leg braces full time and rely on walking sticks, crutches and my powerchair to get around, using a powerchair almost full-time outside and frequently indoors also.  I suffer from severe fatigue and considerable pain.

There is no cure for CMT.  It is progressive, meaning it will and is getting steadily worse as I get older.
The charity CMT United Kingdom is very dear to me and 10% of the profits from all sales I make through Make It Sew are donated to the charity.  CMT United Kingdom is the UK's national charity for those with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease and you can find out more about the charity and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease by visiting their website, .

Being involved with fabulous design teams and indeed the wider crafty community is doing me the world of good and it is finally something that I love to do and that I can pace myself at, not working myself to exhaustion!

My Furry Family!
Now onto the part where I bore you all with photos of my adorable furry family!  We are totally soft on all our animals and treat them as one of our family.

My wife, Claire, with our 3 dogs

So, we are the loving parents of 3 troublesome but adorable rescue dogs, and 2 equally adorable guinea pigs!
The first dog to join our household arrived in 2006.  11 Year Old Lucy is a rescue who we adopted from Dogs Trust.  She is a Lurcher, thought to be a Whippet X Beddlington Terrier.  She is a mellow laid back girl, although still up for a good game of fetch with her ball.

9 Year Old Murphy is a rescue who we adopted from Greyhound Gap rescue in Stoke-On-Trent in 2007.  He is a Lurcher, thought to be a Greyhound X Collie of some sort.  He is either very laid back, or running crazy laps of the garden.  He is a very submissive boy who just loves human attention.

12 Year Old Mongrel Viktor is our most recent rescue who came over from Romania in 2012 having lived a decade on the streets.  As a result, his breeding is very varied and unknown but he LOOKS like a black lab with brindled Rottweiler markings.  He is a kind, but noisy boy who has turned into a loyal and playful dog.

The 2 Guinea Pigs are named Winnie and Dax.  All live inside the house in an open topped cage. Each piggy has his or her own distinct personality and they are wonderful creatures to have around.

Dax (named after a Star Trek DS9 character)

So that concludes my picture bio!  Do please check out the main page of my blog a consider leaving a comment on any of my blog posts.
Thank you.

Updated: 30 May 2016


  1. Your fur babies are so cute! Erin xx

  2. great piccies....and I too love the dogs...(oh yes and the guinea pigs) x

  3. Fab bio, really great to get to know a bit more about yourself and your happy family :) xx

  4. Oh your fur babies are sooo gorgeous and the pic of Murphy made me giggle (not in a rude way of course) but the look on his face is such a corker! They are a handsome bunch! On a more serious note, my stepdad had CMT so I understand just a smidge of what you are going through, you do look as if you have a lovely partner and family to help you. Lots of big hugs to you.

    Sue Pxxx

  5. your animals are so lovely, i have a rescue dog Molly very similar in appearance to Viktor but a little smaller and Scooby is our other dog who was my sons but stayed when he moved out, then theres 2 rabbits, 3 sheep and 25 chickens, 2 budgies, a lot of them are rescue animals. your views are fab what a lovely family, enjoying reading your blog x

  6. So very nice to meet you and your wife Claire, your fur babies and where you live. I have just subscribed to your blog via email and I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful art and hearing more about your beautiful family.
    I too, am with the woman of my dreams and our relationship is going on 4 years now. We are engaged, just hit our 2 year engagement mark on the 13th of this month. We are dog lovers too. We have a sweet Shih Tzu little boy named Tiki who will be 11 in November and 2 years ago, we lost our sweet baby girl Madchen. We called her May for short. She was a gorgeous cocker spaniel who left us too soon. She had an autoimmune disease that got the best of her. Well looking forward to learning more about you and your work and I thank you for participating in my Fun~Day Friday challenges!
    ♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥

  7. I have never heard of that disorder, but you are amazing just the way you are. I suffer from RA and several other debilitating disorders and I know how hard it can be some days. Sorry my spelling is bad along with a very messed up keyboard...but I am glad I came to visit your blog today you are an inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your beautiful cards and crafts.

  8. I landed here from the CC Blog hop and so glad I did. Your blog is an inspiration, I loved reading about your family, furry or not furry! I'll make sure I subscribe to see more of your amazing work. xxx


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